Are we lemmings? Or are we men? Who’s for following Trump over the cliff?

The club of Sane World Leaders that Trump doesn’t want to join.
You’re all wrong, and I’m right. Why can’t you people understand that?

When I hear that Pres. Trump is considering pulling out of the Paris climate accords, it drives me insane.  I’m not alone in this feeling.  But, I’m not one to complain, I have a solution:

PASS A LAW that requires the President to schedule a presentation by all the government agencies under his control that have scientists on the payroll that know anything about global warming, climate, etc.  This would include NASA, NOAA, THE COAST GUARD, EPA, Department of Agriculture, Railroad commission, etc., etc.
Trump has all the scientists in the world, and about 99.5% agree that climate change is THE ONLY ISSUE.  Because if we don’t solve it fast, it could mean the end of human life on earth.  If you’re a cockroach, you’ll probably be OK.
Can you do something, please?  Your life is at stake as much as your constituents.  As humans, we’ve got no place to go.
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