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Sunset over San Miguel de Allende

When I’m Dreaming

A Song by Greg McGee The 2020 Pandemic has introduced a whole new normal about what to do with your time. If you’re not a…
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A NewLinda

This is a song about a tragic moment when my wife Linda broke my heart. It still kind of sticks in my craw, even though…
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Where’s MY Dragon???

This song is sort of an evaluation of my long career trying to “SAVE” people, usually women that I thought needed some sort of help.…
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Tinder Hearted Fools

This is a commentary on the phenomenon of “online dating.” Whether or not it’s a good thing, I’m leaving it up to you.  You decide…
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I hesitate to post this one because the performance is shakey.  I’d just started singing and playing again after a long hiatus due to a…
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New World

This was my “12th Day Of Christmas” song for 2017.  I was still cringing from Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate accords,…
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Lost The Key

Lost The Key A couple of years ago, I decided to dust off my guitar and start playing and singing again.  This was the first…
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Short Order Guy

This little ditty needs a woman’s voice so just imagine you’re hearing Kacey Musgraves sing it, and everything will be OK. If anybody shows some…
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Lucky Tonight

In this little ditty, a modern man confronts the difficult expectations presented in the modern dating world.  A man can’t just go out there all…
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a shriveled up basil plant

Basil, Sweet

It was the coldest day in Austin in 4 or 5 years. I was driving Uber to pay the rent, and  3:05 AM found me,…
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People stand line to vote, Big Bird is among them.

The Liar Or The Fool

What? You DIDN’T VOTE? Well, we get the Presidents we deserve. Thanks for your apathy. You have no right to complain until the NEXT election.…
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