Trump’s Secret Weapon Should Be No Secret By Now

Trump with a pouing, childish look.

Trump’s playbook should be obvious by now

and I hope Biden’s campaign has some strategic thinkers aboard who understand this man’s devious, cynical approach to politics. It’s simple, really. 

annoying boy sticking his tongue out

Remember the annoying kid who, if you ever got into an argument with them, would just begin repeating everything you say right back to you, until it drove you crazy and you walked away in a huff?  This is exactly what Trump does.   

Whatever his opposition is claiming that HE does, he steals their words, and accuses them of doing the very same things.

Does anybody remember what you had to do to trip up this annoying kid?  The same thing might work on Trump.

I dare you to try and watch this video for the entire 2 1/2 minutes. I can’t even stand it for 1 minute. Trump does the same thing to your brain every time he speaks in public.

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