A NEED TO KNOW: The difference between Islamic and Islam-ish

So now, we’re faced with another terrorist atrocity, this one against teenage girls out having a good time listening to music.  In whose universe is this a reasonable act?

The first thing we should all keep in mind is that the reason for this event is


The only way to improve the condition of mankind is to create more sane human beings. Religion, of any stripe, is not helping in this – in fact religious affiliations fan the flames of insanity.

The artificially created shortage and withholding of available women for mating is part of the problem.

(veils, head to toe black shrouds, taboos against being anywhere near a woman, yaddayadda)

Taliban beating a woman in public
Taliban beating a woman in public

This is done by Islam. There is so much pent up desire to mate with women that, from the point of view of the insane religious leaders, the only way to prevent uncontrollable rape and pillage is to protect women with religious taboos and thick veils.  Policed by Mullahs on patrol, day and night with their quirts or rods and often, armed assistants, a man or a woman with the normal urges inevitable with the emergence from puberty can lose a hand or other appendages at the city square for the slightest infringement.


Young men with no prospects
Young men with no prospects, and no available women.

The disenfranchisement of young males at the prime of life in the Middle East is the rest of the problem.

This is the result of religious policies that are accepted as “normal” by our allies and our foes. Adding to this problem is the unnatural preference for MALE offspring over FEMALE offspring, to the point of aborting female fetuses or leaving them to die in the desert because they are just too much trouble.   A generation or two of this behavior is now coming home to roost.

Of course, America, Britain, and the rest of the “developed” world are not without fault.

We have, for at least a century, been able to divert most of the world’s resources to the development and aggrandizement of the “Great Shining City On The Hill.” Also known as the USA. We have accumulated great capital, and achieved great things.  But we have not paid our dues.  We have not been benevolent.  And thus, we are despised by the people and nations we have betrayed in the name of capitalism.


Not much wiggle room in this statement.

This could be corrected easily.

In minutes.  But the greed of those who have more than they need or could ever use prevents this from happening. The super-rich hoard their riches in impenetrable enclaves, for no apparent reason: They siphon off the world’s gross production into their private piggy banks, where it stays, where it is extracted from the world, where it ROTS.

Young men with nothing to do, with no support from family or anything else, congregate in cities. They are despised and spit upon.   They even hate themselves because they see no way to change their condition in life.  They clog the streets listlessly.

What do you think would happen if some guru or terrorist recruiter came along and promised a kid with absolutely no prospects for a meaningful life this package deal:  27 virgins and a starring role in the big video game called “JIHAD!” ???

Oh, hell  yes!  Where’s my AR-15?! I want to kill somebody and rape somebody before I shoot them! Or maybe after!  I’m absolved from any crime I commit because I’m on Jihad.  Whooopeee!

Next stop, the front lines, where you can kill anybody you like, fuck any woman you want, stay high on KAT, chop off heads, blow up parties, slice up babies and strew them around the village because they are all INFIDELS!  As long as you keep it all in focus so it can be posted on twitter….(As Trump would say, “What have you got to lose.?”)

Religious Police cane women in public for various wardrobe infringements. Too much ankle, a finger showing, that kind of horrible thing

Let me tell you, seekers of truth, you should read your own holy books a little closer. If you are killing in the name of Islam, than you have been lied to.  Get away from anybody who sends you to kill in the name of ANY GOD. It’s still wrong.

The Koran forbids this kind of behavior. And so does every other Holy Book for every religion on planet Earth.

You have been deceived.





Do you know how to read, or are you trusting others to tell you what is true?

Let me just state here, in ENGLISH.

WE HAVE A LOT TO LOSE. ITS CALLED PLANET EARTH. We only have one planet to live on.


Jimmy Swaggart, TV Evanbelist
The Rev. Jimmy Swaggart holds a Bible while ranting in Los Angeles, March 30, 1987. In 1988 he went down in flames, as a whore monger, etc.  Who knew?

So, the next time some ass hat comes along and tells you to follow them because “what have you got to lose?”

Look around.


You were endowed with a brain, so USE IT.

Don’t just follow the shiny thing or the easy thing.


TV Preacher with extra prayers and stuff offered to a person who sends in $1000. Such a deal!
Another guy in a suit, offering a $1000 ticket to the pearly gates.

It is just as likely to be wrong as right.

There are solutions to all of these problems.  It’s not even all that difficult.

I wonder what this guy does in his bedroom with the lights turned out.

But it requires sane humans, communicating with each other.






Peace. Out.


Earth, Eastern Hemisphere
So Far, this is the only place us humans have found to live. Not wise to mess it up too badly, wouldn’t you say?
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