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A selection of some of the little movies I’ve done, just for fun!

Welcome to the Dancy Street Museum

Dancy Street

I’ve been getting a lot of interest in this film I made back in the 20th century by the name of “Dancy Street.”  If you…
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A Message from John.

My birthday is December 8, 1950. Exactly 30 years later, a disturbed idiot took John Lennon’s life. A pointless murder, that robbed the world of…
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Boy smiling and holding up a wiggly worm

Overcoming Fear!

I shot this one day after a big rainstorm, as I was out exploring a nearby park with my nephew ( and best friend) Andrew. …
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Getting Help on your iMac

NOTE:  Since this video was recorded, Apple has made a great improvement in their Apple Store services.  I’m keeping this up because it contains a…
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