A Prison Of Your Own Design

Long ago, at a high lake in a mountain crater, when the water was perfectly clear and the air was unpolluted, the light at this high altitude created very strong shadows.  The native fishermen had a  novel  way of fishing.  At noon, when the sun was directly overhead, they would run a string of floating planks in a semicircle out into the lake, and then slowly pull them toward the shore.  The planks created a strong shadow under water.  The fish would not swim through this shadow. To them it appeared as an impenetrable black wall.  As the wall moved toward them, to avoid swimming through the shadow, the fish would jump out of the water and onto the shore, to their deaths and then dinner tables of the fishermen.

Most of us have a lot in common with  these fish.  Many of our obstacles are merely apparitions.  Or most precious beliefs or limitations are nothing more than a change in lighting.

Be sure to test the obstacles you encounter in life before you run from them.

Note:  this story was told many years ago by L.RonHubbard, the author of “Dianetics”  I’ve paraphrased it.

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