Amateur Psychiatry

You might think this is a joke,
and it kind of is. I mean, who in their right mind
would call themselves an “amateur psychiatrist?

Let me explain.
Over the years, I have studied extensively on the subject of the human condition and the human mind. I’ve studied and drilled and practiced and counseled real human subjects for 15 years, with constant drilling and oversight of my work by experts.
I learned proper communications techniques and some basic and effective methods of getting people past obstacles and upsets in their life.

I left that practice, because of “add-ons” to a working technology which took the whole organization into realms I couldn’t believe in, nor support. I surrendered all my certificates and I’m no longer affiliated with ANY mental health institute.
I saw how much the technology and techniques I had mastered could help people get past mental obstacles and trauma. But metaphorically speaking, then came the part about teaching people to fly. That’s where I had to disconnect, and get back to reality.

So, that’s why I’ll never be anything more than an amateur. But I still believe I can help people. If you’re willing to invest a few hours and a few dollars in your own happiness,  I can help you find solutions to whatever is hanging you up.

There is no “fee schedule” at this time. That would not be amateurish. If you want to give this a shot, we’ll figure something out that is affordable for you, and a fair compensation for the time and knowledge I share with you.

Unlike “professional” therapists
I offer a  money-back guarantee.

Now, you should be totally convinced that I’m a amateur.

The Stankenrose Gazette