An idea who’se time has come: Scooter Airbags!

Personal Head Protection For Scooter Riders!

These insufferable ELECTRIC SCOOTERS, or something of their ilk, are here to stay, as city dwellers look for ways to get around cheaper, faster with the pitter patter of tiny carbon feet. Or wheels.

But, these durn scooters are dangerous, mainly due to the casual and irresponsible way they are used. They’re everywhere, on the sidewalks, in the streets, the bikelanes, inside apartment building hallways, you name it.

As much as I hate ’em, the people riding still need to be protected from their own foibles. That’s why I’m proposing this little thing I call the ERBag (Patent Pending).

Get it? “ER Bag” ? To prevent a trip to the ER? Sounds sort of like “air bag,” but different?


Similar technology is already being used by those cray cray motorcyclists that go 300 MPH and love to just go slip-sliding down the pavement. Others are developing them for the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” crowd. But presently, these air bag products range from $295 to $2000 per unit.

The ERBag for scooters needs to be so cheap it can be disposed of after one use if the rider doesn’t want to carry it around the rest of the night because it won’t fit in the girlfriend’s tiny little purse.

And! They just have to be dispensed right there from the scooter, as you’re logging in with your Jump, Byrd, Lime, yaddayaddayadda app.. I’m thinking $1 to $5.

Manufactured in the MILLIONS! BILLIONS of units, its doable.

Anybody know a guy with some money who wants go help create a “next big thing?

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