Another Swamp Creature revealed

Picture of Scott Angelle, with cross eyes and looking kind of like an idiot.

John Oliver, on his Sunday Night show “Last Week Tonight,” repeated the cell phone number that was publicly posted by Scott Angelle, director of BSEE, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement – or, the bureau whose only job is to keep citizens safe from the drilling industry.  Yet, read his resume.  You see he has always worked to loosen any environmental oversight on Oil companies, even in the middle of the Deep Water Horizon disaster. 

This is sort of like hiring a rattlesnake to manage your hen-house.  Patently ridiculous.”  –G. O. Fart

Why not call him? Do some research on him, and if it looks stinky to you like it does to me, call him. He offered his phone!

Scott Angelle

(571) 585-3730

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