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Here’s the latest version of the Brian Pounds interview.

Well, I sort of hit a snag with this project. First of all, Brian decided to move to Houston and finish law school. Which is a good thing. Depending on making a living with a guitar and a voice these days is “iffy,” to say the least. With a sweet lil’ girl to provide for, he made the right decision, and I respect him for that.

Then, I found out that Hill’s Cafe was going to shut down forever, to be replaced by, guess what? CONDOS and RETAIL.

That’s so Austin. Modern day Austin, that is.

So, what we got here is a certified by gawd historialistic documnent!

The problem is, nobody cares too much about history these days. Oh well. I had fun.

Did I tell you we write a song in real time, right here on video?

What if I told you it was chock full of sex and violence? Would that make you want to watch?

(It’s not.)

I hope somebody enjoys the show.

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