Banning Assault Rifles Won’t Do Any Good. THIS WILL!

It is estimated that there are between 2.4 and 3.6 MILLION assault rifles like the AR15 that are currently owned in the U.S.A.

So, what good is it going to do to ban the sale of future assault rifles?  Very little.

Nobody in their right mind envisions the government going around and confiscating weapons from people’s homes. Can you imagine how ridiculous this would be?  You’d have crazy old coots barricading themselves in their homes from Texas to Tennessee and California to the Carolinas, daring anybody to “Come And Take It.”

That’s our culture.  It’s our RIGHT to keep and bear arms.

We must deal with the reality we are in.

This is why I am proposing the NRA School Protection Grants.  Gun owners, and the organizations that promote gun ownership, need to start taking responsibility for what has been created by the frenzy of gun buying that has been occuring of late. For more information on my proposal, look at the original post by clicking on the link below.

The NRA has over $350 million in income every year from their members.  They have a war chest that is unmatched by any other lobbying organization. It is their insistence on the legality of even the most dangerous of weapons for “sporting purposes” that has made it so easy for any deranged wacko to waltz into a school and start murdering children by the score.

If this is how they want to play it, then they need to pay the tab to PROTECT OUR SCHOOLS!

Click to read our original proposal.

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