Bluebonnets In The Graveyard

Bluebonnets growing in front of headstones in a graveyard

By Greg McGee 3/27/2019


My son went to the desert

To put down the Taliban.

Drove around in a Hummer

In a harsh and dangerous land.


With a bunch of other youngsters,

Acting up like children do.

The army made them stone cold killers

Soldiers without a clue.


Sent him mangled home to Texas,

With lots of others, in a row.

Now its rotting in a graveyard

Making bluebonnets grow.


Kill no more!  Kill no more.

There’s no good reason 

For another war.

You can’t have peace.  

As you prepare for war.

Who will find the courage.  

To say we ain’t fighting any more?

Bluebonnets growing in front of headstones in a graveyard


There’s bluebonnets in the graveyard

Other wild flowers too.

Some red and pink and yellow.

Under a brilliant sky of blue.


They do their best to hide the horror.

Of a stupid senseless war.

Bluebonnets in the graveyard.

Telling us to kill no more.

We’re putting down our weapons.  

Not fighting any more.


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