Brian and Greg Write A Song

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Back when there was a place called Hills Cafe, on South Congress in Austin, I did a video with Brian Pounds. We spent about 20 minutes talking about the music biz, and how it has become so difficult for musicians to actually make a living making music from their recordings because of all the almost “free” streaming services.

Note: This was before the Pandemic. Can you imagine how hard it is for a musician to make a buck these days, when there’s no place to play because all the bars are closed? Yeesh.

Anyway, my favorite part of the video was where we write a song from scratch. I tossed out an idea that had been rolling around in my head for a while with a vague sort of football metaphor. Brian took the bait, and we worked up a cool little song.

One thing you need to know about Brian: he is known for writing sad songs, the kind of songs that make you cry. So, just to make him stretch a bit, I started the writing session with one rule: this song would NOT be a sad song.

If you just have to have more Pounds in your life, visit his website:

This video lets you watch two guys as they write a song. It’s about 15 min long. You’ve got plenty of time. What else you got to do, right?

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