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A selection of some of the little movies I’ve done, just for fun!

Opening frame for Artists' Visions Program, with the title overlaying an image of the front of Hill's Cafe

Artists Visions

Here’s the latest version of the Brian Pounds interview. Well, I sort of hit a snag with this project. First of all, Brian decided to…
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Welcome to the Dancy Street Museum

Dancy Street

I’ve been getting a lot of interest in this film I made back in the 20th century by the name of “Dancy Street.”  If you…
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A Message from John.

My birthday is December 8, 1950. Exactly 30 years later, a disturbed idiot took John Lennon’s life. A pointless murder, that robbed the world of…
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Boy smiling and holding up a wiggly worm

Overcoming Fear!

I shot this one day after a big rainstorm, as I was out exploring a nearby park with my nephew ( and best friend) Andrew. …
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Getting Help on your iMac

NOTE:  Since this video was recorded, Apple has made a great improvement in their Apple Store services.  I’m keeping this up because it contains a…
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