From the Desk of G. O. Fart

Our ace reporter, G.O. Fart, is always out in and about looking for bits of truthyness to slice and dice, or outright lies and hypocricies to stick a pin in. Here are a few of our favorite stories from this washed up old hack who we can’t seem to get rid of, no matter how little we pay him.
Electron Microscope view of the sars virus, which is similar to the corona virus.

Virus Gunslingers Needed

by G.O.Fart, Editor, The StankenRose Gazette Every living thing in the universe, and probably all the dead things too, exist within a dominance hierarchy.  In simple …
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The WALL Problem

Mr. President, all you need is a new ACRONYM: W.A.L.L. (Wandering Airborne Liberty Line) Can we please reopen the government now?
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A Mid-Term Nightmare

by G. O. Fart I had a nightmare last night.  I feel like this is going to be Deja Vu all over again. Its Wednesday morning, November …
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TrumpCare Hits a Speedbump.

CNN just reported that Speaker Ryan has postponed today’s press conference (twice) and now reports that tonight’s vote has been canceled. Finally, this runaway freight train …
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Trumps Doctor Sets The Record Straight.

By Garrulous O. Fart Publisher, The Stanken Rose Gazette NOTE: This is satire. In an exclusive interview with Donald J. Trump’s very personal physician, the odd language and …
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