The TV Series with Another Angle on Life.

What you got here is a sizzling, snarky superhero movie starring God.  And Jesus.  They live up in this ramshackle bachelor pad called heaven.  Bohemian, but classy.  There’s this ridiculous planet, Earth, which has become a real problem because of these silly creatures God gave “free will” .

Big mistake. God is just about fed up with it.

So, he decides to kick it to his favorite son Jay, (AKA J.C., JayJay, Jayzus, Jesus ) to see if he can whip it into shape.   We got angels too, billions of them! They are sort of like Golden Retrievers with wings, but they talk. Then, there’s Mary.  She’s a hoot… Great singer, but feisty as all get out! Just click the pic to get the skinny.

The first two episodes are finished (of 10 in the first story arc,) and others are in the works.

Go on, now. Get out your Visa Card, you cheapskates! Sign up to support this thing before we run out of time! Let’s get ‘er done.

Click anywhere on the big beautiful picture for more info.

Against a backdrop of outer space, we see four faces representing the Virgin Mary (Taylor Swift), God (Dwayne Johnson) Jesus (a curly headed baby boy) and Jesus (Eddie Murphy).  In the foreground is Planet Earth, and with the word "Humans" superimposed on it.
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