Jan. 1, 2021. HAPPY YEAR!

poster for the mocie Wild in the streets

I’m still alive.  That’s a surprise. 

Really, it is.

I’ve often said this in my life.  Like, when I was 18, after having a couple of car wrecks that should have killed me.  I never thought I’d make it past 30.

poster for the mocie Wild in the streets

Then there was that weird movie “Wild in the Streets”, where the teenagers were chanting “kill everybody over 30!” or something like that.

Gawd.  Is there really any reason to live past 30?  That’s about the age our genetic code figures we’re worth.  We’re really only designed to live to 30.  Just enough time to procreate and raise 1 generation.  Once the kids can make it on their own, you’re just debris, taking up space, consuming too much, suppressing the creative explosion of youth too much.  Name it what you will.  Untold numbers of stories have been written about this.

            And now, as witness I Earth’s passage through the solar system, past another point in space, precisely measured and notated by humans, I really feel something. 

Like, I’ve been travelling through a dark space for a precisely measured time, where we are all hidden from the light, the source of all light and energy, not entirely, but enough so that we feel one and all a weight on our bodies and souls.

It was only under this obscurity that we could have fallen victim to such a malaise, but our greatest power, our minds, were ensnarled.

And now, as we pass through the fringes, where the substance obscurata begins to dissipate, we see….something.  We see a glow.  A light.  A hope.


These are the sappy thoughts that are swirling around in MY head during the first hours of 2021.  Aside from the fact that 2020 was a shitshow, it’s kind of a big deal that there’s a zero at the end of the year numeral, so please forgive me.

 I tried my best to avoid any partisan stuff or personal denigration.  I was trying to be discreet, respectful. Openminded*.

 I’ll make it short, and clear. 

            Trump is the worst President we’ve ever had. It will be difficult to overcome the damage he has done. 

But, we will. 

We will make America great again.  

Damn.  That’s a good slogan.


* Have you ever looked up the word “OPEN”?

Do it! Google it. Go to Merriam Websters.  It’ll take a weight off your soul. 

You’ll begin breathing more easily. Openness is the word for 2021!

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