With Trump’s announcement of the withdrawal from Syria and tweets about withdrawing from Afghanistan, South Korea, Japan, Europe, and everywhere else American troops are now stationed, a new foreign-policy is emerging: Isolationism.

Couple this with Trump’s insistence on building an impenetrable wall on the southern border, his love for gun ownership, and his hatred for international treaties, and a picture materializes of what Trump believes it means to Make America Great Again: to make America into a nation of ignorant red necks, armed to the teeth, hunkered down behind barricades, keeping out the brown people. Its like he’s saying to the world

“We don’t need your brains, your technology, your oil, your air, your water, your glaciers or polar bears.
And stay the hell away from ours!”


This is not how America became great.  Instead, it will very likely bring about our exit from the world stage. 

Trumps policies will make us just another shithole country. 

Let’s make some new hats! #JASC

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