In Federal Court this morning, a class action suit was filed in the amount of $2.4 Billion, in the name of John Q. Public, with signatories in excess of 27 million men, claiming “Cruel, Unbearable, Incessant Sexual Enticement” against a group of female entertainers and media companies including Beyonce, Madonna, Christinia Aguilara, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Lil’ Kim, Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey and many others.

Beyonce showing some skin on the red carpet
Madonna hanging it out


Kardashian Breasta-a-thon.
Hoochy Coochy girl Miley Cyrus
Mariah Carey, the big tease
Christina tempting us








NBC, CBS, ABC, HBO, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, Spectrum, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, and other media providers were also named.
“We are not limiting this suit to men only.  Any woman who feels abused by the constant barrage of sexual imagery in the media is welcome to join the suit,” a spokesman said.

Lady GaGa throwing herself at us


Lil Kim showing restraint by only baring 1 breast


Rihanna leaving little to the imagination







J Lo giving the come on…


The suit also named the men’s MOTHERS in the suite, singling them out for

“forcing their breasts into our mouths when infants, which set us up for an insatiable fascination and yearning for future contact with female breasts. In addition, we are all scarred by the cruel and unusual procedure known as “birth,” where we were pulled out of a warm, cozy womb, through the vagina, and into the cold cruel world.”

In an interview, a spokesman for the group, Sam Jones, said “Since birth, all we want to do is to get back INTO the vagina and return to the womb. Lately the sexual enticement has gotten out of hand.  Women are provoking us at every turn. With all this enticement coming at us from every direction, every TV screen, pop song, magazine cover and web site, with woman in short skirts and asses and breasts bulging out all over the place. . .

What do women expect to happen?  We all try our best to show restraint, but sometimes, it’s just too much to bear.  Especially if a guy has some other kind of psychosis going on to start with. All it takes is a little bit too much booze, or a little too many boobs in the face, and the weaker among us just go nuts and start grabbing. There is no excuse for abuse.  But there are causes. And I think the incessant sexual enticement in the media is a big cause, and it needs to be reeled in.”




The Suit asks for an immediate cessation of all enticement by females, including wearing revealing clothing, posing in ways that give the impression that they want men to come on to them and touch them, performing songs that promote sexual behavior.

For more information, or TO JOIN THE SUIT, follow this link:

No tags Join the Class Action Suit!


Appropriate Dress for women in public
More appropriate dress for women
And you don’t have to be a nun or a Muslim to dress appropriately!















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