New World

This was my “12th Day Of Christmas” song for 2017.  I was still cringing from Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate accords, and reeling at his selection of Scott Pruitt, a self-described “climate change skeptic,” to lead the EPA.

Well, Pruitt is gone.  (yippee)  Now things will get even worse, because his replacement, Andrew Wheeler, is just as much a climate denier as Pruitt, but not as messy with his ethics.  Wheeler will rarely make the news, so his behind the scenes shenanigans will probably go unnoticed until the drilling rigs show up in Yellowstone National Park to drill into Old Faithful.  Or the Grand Canyon is used to store nuclear waste.  Or….well you get the idea.

Its a bit rough, and someday I’ll redo it.  But I want to post it simply as a matter of record.

You may recognize the chord structure.  This is derivative of the awesome “Hallelujah”  by Leonard Cohen. Thanks, Leonard.  You’re now officially part of The Invisible Cats Band.

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