Putin: A dead man walking

The day that Putin decided it was in his best interest to invade Ukraine, he signed his own death warrant.  His miscalculations have been described in detail by numerous sources around the world, so I won’t parrot these words yet again. Suffice it to say that everyone outside his head has been left wondering just what has come over this man who rose from plodding civil servant, born of humble parents, murdered and extorted his way to the top of the Russian power structure and became arguably the richest person on Earth with control of the largest nuclear arsenal on the planet.

The Russian culture does not treat its ex-rulers kindly.  Failure, or disappointment of the party or the public usually results in an ignoble, pitiless death.  If Putin loses the war in Ukraine, he will die, if not by his own hand, then by some minister that pictures himself as the next ruler of Russia.  Even his billions will not save him.  There won’t be enough money in the world to protect him from the vicious backlash he’ll get from the Russian people, their so called “government” and his proud boys, the Kleptocracy.

Maybe it’s just mental illness, or some other terminal illness that Putin’s keeping a secret.  That would explain this “swan song” war. Google up selection of pictures and videos of Putin from 3 or 4 years ago, and compare them to what he looks like now, and you will see a striking difference.  He’s no longer the young and slim, bright and mischievous guy he posed as just a few years ago. Now, he looks puffy and worried, devoid of humor, enjoying nothing.  Frankly, he looks like a very sick man, and I mean physically ill, not sick in the head.  (But, that, too.)

Putin is an educated man.  He’s studied history. This makes it even less understandable that his invasion plan was nothing short of lame, that he’s strung out his army in hostile territory without cover, or without considering how to resupply them, that he’s made the same errors Hitler made invading Russia back in ’41. This is what happens when a leader surrounds himself with sycophants. Nobody tells you the truth, because, well, the messenger often does get shot in Russia.

The fact that his belligerent threats to anybody who helps Ukraine will be considered an act of war against Russia are outrageous. To hear a supposedly “legitimate” government say such things is shocking, and it causes sane people to freeze up, and question their own sanity momentarily. Being in the thrall of true insanity does that to people. It’s actually working, causing NATO, the EU and the US to all stand around wringing their hands, doing a little, but not enough, as they watch the wholesale slaughter of innocents, and the annihilation of a sovereign country, bit by bloody bit.

Did anybody learn anything from all the other wars we’ve fought?  Did appeasement work on Hitler and the 3rd Reich?  I’ll answer that.  NO.  It did not. Appeasement is Empowerment.  It just prolonged the war, enabled Hitler to consolidate power, kill more people, and become nearly impossible to defeat.  Nearly. 

But, not before over Seventy three million people died.


How many million are going to have to die in WWIII — which has already started, by the way.  All the world leaders who are uniting against Putin’s aggression are in a state of denial about this.  They don’t want WWIII to be happening.  But it is. Already.  Happening.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s the truth.

Putin, of course, doesn’t want to stop the war.  If he does, without a Russian flag flying over Ukraine, he’s a dead man, and he knows it.

It’s just a question of how many people he wants to take with him on his descent to hell.  He’s fully capable of taking far more than 73 million.  He could take us all.  All 7.83 BILLION inhabitants of planet Earth.  Would that be enough to satisfy him? 

Probably not, but that’s all we got.

The time to stand up to Putin’s aggression is now.  There won’t be a better time in the future.  It will only get harder.  He’ll only get more brutal. The atrocities will only get more difficult to stomach. He’s baiting the world now, daring us to fight back, like Mohammed Ali used to tease the boxers as he would dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The longer the world lets him treat Ukraine like it’s his own private war party, Putin will consolidate and revise his plan, learn from his mistakes, call up more troops, murder more Ukrainians and destroy more cities until Ukraine is his.  The coalition of nations that oppose him now will begin to falter, then they’ll offer him the country if he promises not to nuke everybody.  The world is his hostage, and we are doing what is against our beliefs and our modus operandi:

“We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists.”

 Really?  What are we doing with Putin, the terrorist with the biggest hostage in history?  Negotiating.  Even if it’s reduced to a steaming, radioactive pile of dead bodies and rubble that can’t be inhabited for 700 years, (the half-life of Uranium 238,) Putin intends to own Ukraine.

I’m not a hawk.  I hate war.  I’ve never owned a gun, and probably never will.  But Putin will not be stopped by sanctions, or by being accused of war crimes, or censures by the UN, etc.  He’s past that.  Unbound by treaties, the Geneva Convention, or common decency, he’s a psychopath in full bloom, and that, my friends, is a very dangerous animal indeed, for which there is only one future for such a creature:  to be removed from the planet.

We’re all afraid of the nukes.  I started being terrified of them back in 1955, when I was 5 years old.  I’d plead with my Daddy every day to build a fallout shelter in the back yard.  He never did, and almost 70 years later, part of me still resents him for refusing my pleas. I was afraid to go to sleep because I didn’t want to be incinerated by an atomic bomb being lobbed into my backyard by those pesky Russians.  Goddamn them! 

Nothing has changed.

Everything has changed.

We must gird our loins, give the Ukrainians all the guns, ammo, airplanes, no fly zones and missiles to do their best, against overwhelming odds. Immediately. It doesn’t matter how the planes are delivered.  Putin will know where they came from because the negotiations are being discussed live on the bloody evening news.  (Maybe his citizens don’t get to watch CNN, but you can bet Putin does!)

If history does in fact repeat itself, or at least echo the past, the US will eventually be sucked into this war just like we were in WWII, Iraq, and Afghanistan. After there are no more Ukranians or Ukranian cities left to destroy, thousands of our sons and daughters will be sacrificed to bring this tyrant to his bloody end. The earlier we rise to this sad occasion, which is, in fact, WWIII, and make the sacrifices necessary to confront and destroy this evil psycho Putin, the sooner it will be over.


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