Putin’s End Game Revealed

Trump and Putin at the 2018 Helsinki summit. Trump looks defeated, and Putin is happy, smiling and clapping his hands.

Putin may be insane, but he’s not an idiot. Here’s his plan:

  1. Shock the world with a brutal attack on Ukraine.
  2. Engineer a change of opinion in the United States so that it completely flips from supporting Ukraine to Russia, spearheaded by Donald Trump and extreme right pundits such as Tucker Carlson, Hannity, Sky News, Breitbart, Trump’s Republican base, etc.  (They’re already hard at it.  Just listen to one program and you’ll hear for yourself.)
  3. The moment the US sides with Russia and throws Ukraine under the bus, they’re toast. Russian toast.

Explanation follows:

Just about everyone in the public sphere is absolutely appalled at what is going on in Ukraine.  To see rockets destroying buildings and killing scores of people in broad day light, piped directly to my phone and TV is shocking.

Why is this happening?  Does Putin really think he’s going to come out on top with this cruel, bloody invasion?  Even if Ukraine does fall, and all its leaders are murdered or exiled, what is Russia’s place going to be in the world.  Europe, the US, and all the international alliances are doing their best to starve Putin into submission by going for his stuff, and the stuff of the criminal oligarchs that support him.  These oligarchs, they may lose a few billion dollars and rubles, a few yachts, and fancy homes here and there, but they won’t go hungry.  It’s the Russian people who will starve, and quite possibly, the rest of us.

Still, America’s favorite loon, Trump continues to laud Putin’s genius, his leadership, and his success.  

When you think back on the leaders that Trump admired during his presidency, compared with those he despised, it’s quite telling.  He loved Putin, Kim Jong Un, Xi Jinping, and even Rodrigo Duterte.  All these men are leaders of totalitarian regimes way over on the far right of the political spectrum.  They rule with an iron fist, by controlling the media, dampening any critical voices by murder, extortion, or whatever is necessary.  And they all steal from their people, leaving them with scraps while they fill their own secret offshore accounts with billions of dollars that don’t belong to them.

On the other hand, Trump didn’t like any of the leaders of Europe, all running democratic republics of one form or another…  He made fun of Merkel, thought Macron a boob, trampled on Trudeau.  He didn’t get along with any of them and wanted nothing more than to disassociate with all things European.

With this in mind, I couldn’t help but remember that fateful day at the Helsinki Summit in 2018, after Trump had his private meeting with Putin.  I remember seeing him at a podium with Putin.  He looked dreamy, like he was in a trance.  He spoke softly and whimsically, as he trashed everybody in the US intelligence community, his own CIA, FBI, Secret service, etc, for not knowing their arses from a hole in the ground.

Then, he said he believed Putin, when he said that he didn’t meddle in the campaign, even though there was voluminous evidence to the contrary.

As I was reading “Evil Geniuses – The Unmaking of America”, a recent book by Kurt Anderson, I saw Putin’s whole crazy plan unfold right before my eyes.

Mr. Anderson outlines the steady, clandestine plan concocted back in the 70’s to transform the American economy to one where ALL the money and power are in the hands of the corporate elite, where all Government social programs are discontinued (Social Security, Medicare, unemployment, food assistance, welfare, etc.); where the rich pay virtually NO taxes and the middle class pays more than they already do. It’s a continuation of Milton Friedman’s doctrine and Lewis Powell’s memorandum which lionized the nation’s deep dive into ultra-conservatism, separatism, racism, and the many more isms that are methodically transforming America into a neo-fascist state.

Of course, Trump has every intention of being the dictator of this new regime.

I believe Trump and Putin’s conversation in their 2-hour private, secret meeting at the Helsinki Summit was all about this plan to change the US.  I believe that Putin laid out a plan for Trump that would bring about a reelection, with the promise of keeping control of the presidency forever.  Putin revealed to Trump that what he really wanted was to get Ukraine back and offered Trump help in converting America to a country more like Russia, with a tightly controlled kleptocracy, laws against freedom of expression, and brutal attacks against any opposition in the country by gun, poison, or prison. (The way Putin does it!)

This vision of America was exactly what Trump wanted, and it is why he so admires totalitarian leaders.  They get things done.  They don’t allow dissent.  Their word is the last word.

Putin was offering Trump a bright future if he would just make sure that America sides with Putin and against Ukraine when the time comes to bring her back into the waiting arms of Mother Russia.

Trump was well on his way to carrying out his part of Putin’s plan when, through some fluke, he LOST his bid for reelection.

This threw a wrench in the Ukraine takeover plan.  It would have been a slam dunk with America backing Putin.  (As Trump has said recently “this war would have never happened if I was president.”  Right, because he…well, go back to point 2.) Without Trump in the big house, however, it was a little dicey.

But these were dice that Putin was willing to throw. Why? I believe Putin got impatient.  Perhaps he was seeing some fissures in his iron control of Russia.  Perhaps one of the rumored new superweapons like smart bullets, hypersonic rockets, or something else needed a trial run. Perhaps he felt he had to go for his prize before he lost the power. It’s now or never.  (see my previous article “Before it’s Too Late.”)

Well, now the ugly part of war goes on.  The part where babies and mothers and sons and fathers get maimed and killed by the thousands, and cities get destroyed

All this, it seems, for one man’s sick pleasure.

And still, Trump heaps praise in Putin for his actions.  I don’t believe Trump’s role in the invasion plan is over.  It has to do with swaying congressional opinions toward Russia and away from Ukraine.  You can see it happening every day on American media, and the words of those who are banned from most media outlets, (Trump,) and coming from the mouths of Trump’s base, already tiring of the unified front the US seemed to be holding for a short while.  In a day or three, it will be back to the business of hating whoever is president other than Trump and supporting whatever hair-brained thing Trump says is right.  

In this case, it’s Russia that American right-wing radicals will have to learn to love. And it’s Ukraine that will be sacrificed. 

That’s the plan.  The evil plan.  The psychopath’s plan.

And, American?

 If you support Putin’s plan, you’re a traitor to your country, the United States of America.


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