Ross McGee takes over the Kazoo Orchestra


Ross McGee, aKa Gregory Ross McGee, has been tagged to conduct the legendary Stankenrose Interregional Kazoo Orchestra.  This storied organization had, in recent years, fallen into decay, often, even derision.  The entire collection of classic kazoos had to be sold off to meet outstanding debt.  The concert hall, once the ruby of bustling downtown Stankenrose, burned to the ground in a symbolic tragedy.

There was really nothing left of it.

Enter Ross McGee

“It was just sickening to me.  Seeing this thing die. That’s why I was so excited when I got the nod!” –Mr. McGee, in a statement earlier today.

The question on everybody’s lips is this:  what’s next?


“Big, big things in store!” Ross promised.  “You’ll see the kazoo orchestra popping up all over the place.  You’ll soon be able to book the entire orchestra for your party, wedding, birthday party, funeral or wake.  I’d think twice about funerals, though.  People tend to forget they have a sense of humor at funerals.”

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