The Fallacy of believing you have the right to break into the U.S. Capitol, threaten the lives of elected officials and carry off property.

During the assault on the capitol by Trump supporters emboldened by the president’s own words to march in there and “fight”, I head numerous rioters yelling things like “it’s my house,”  “we’re taking back our country,” and other epithets that have no logical or legal basis.

Who allowed this to happen? How many of these people will be spending a few years in jail?

I like to break things like this down to simple math, so even a child can understand it.

Let’s use a fictional man named Jim Bob, your average Trumpster, who has driven up to Washington DC with his assault rifle and a couple of pipe bombs in the car, plus, his Kevlar helmet and bulletproof plexiglass shield and ladder.  All the standard stuff a guy should take to a peaceful protest.

Jim Bob has a regular job, pays a few taxes.  For this example, just to make the math easy, lets say that over his life time of paying taxes (10 years) he’s averaged about $3000/year.  This means he’s invested $30,000 in all the public works, roads, highways, military and police protection, not to mention the upkeep of 3 branches of government.

This poor, misguided creature is in jail.
His mother is appalled
that they don’t have organic food available for him on the menu.

On the other hand, which is the hand of government, in the last ten years, the IRS has steadily increased its collections from around $2.7 Trillion to  $3.5 Trillion in taxes from personal and business income. So, let’s just average this out to $3.1 Trillion a year for the 10 years of Jim Bob’s contributions to the maintaining United States of America.  This comes to $30.1 Trillion.  Out of this, Bob’s contribution of $30,000 is approximately .0000001% .  This won’t buy you a fleck of paint off the bathroom wall in the congressional BASEMENT, much less a mahogany podium or a bust of a former president.

So, if you think this gives you the right to break windows, carry off government property, deface the offices of elected officials, and threaten their lives, well, you’re just wrong.  I also contribute .0000001%, and I don’t want you defacing my part of the government.

This does not represent a “movement.” It represents a felony called TREASON.

The way we do things in America is we have elections.  We vote.  We air our grievances BEFORE the election, and if we lose, we try to figure out why, try to get things done, and plan for the next election.  That’s why the Republican party won in 2016, and the Democratic party won in 2020.  The Democrats learned from their mistakes, made a plan, did massive grass roots organizating and got more people to vote than in any other election in history. 

Follow this asshole? You’re headed off a cliff.

And WON the Presidency and both houses of Congress. 

Fair and square.

 To join armed groups with the intent to disrupt the government with guns, grenades and Molotov cocktails, is TREASON, SEDITION, and just plain wrong.

Go home.  Watch the inauguration on TV.

Don’t do something stupid and end up watching the next inauguration from prison.

I wonder if this idiot is going to enjoy PRISON?
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