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blue metal tag number 9037 on tree trunk

Tree #9037

I had a talk with my favorite tree today. I put both my hands on its majestic, rough trunk, and my feet on its roots, looked …
Read More Yessiree, it was a long night, driving around town. Traffic in Stanken Rose is brutal. I saw 3 or 4 cars, at least–at …
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Welcome To Stanken Rose, Texas

Official Statement By Gregory R. McGee,The Mayor. Stanken Rose is a charming little imaginary town you will find about 27.4 miles from the asshole of Texas.  …
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We Got The Bus!

The imaginary “Kazoo Starship” arrived in the imaginary town of Stanken Rose today, and everybody is just beside themselves with glee! If you’ve been …
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History Lesson

There’s something to be learned from the story of Nero. I heard on the news yesterday that the average narcissist is usually a very …
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Academy Award Nomination Certificate

You don’t believe me?

Ok, many people think I’m yanking their chain on this Academy Award Nomination thing. I did get one, that’s a fact. Back in 1975. …
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