The Speed of Darkness

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Maybe we’ve been wrong with the assumption that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.  Physicists have measured the speed of light and found it to be precisely 600,000,000.702 miles/hr. in a vacuum.

Which is pretty darn fast, no doubt.

But is it really true that nothing is faster than that?

I think darkness is faster. 

It has to be. 

If it wasn’t, then darkness could not persist, because there would be only light. 

The prevailing scientific theory is that everything in the universe is in motion. 
But, has anyone considered that darkness, which is part of the universe, is in motion as well as light and physical objects?

Therefore, darkness must be moving faster than light to stay out of its way.

The question we should be asking, then, is,

“What is the speed of darkness?”

Actually, this is the same thing as asking

“What is the speed of the entire universe?”

For, if darkness is faster than light, then it obviously contains more energy than light. 

This means that it is achieving its unknown, but faster-than-light motion in a much more efficient manner than light, because it creates no heat, requires no mass, and leaves behind no traces of anything.

In the universe, there is far more darkness than light.

Perhaps it contains far more energy than all the light. 

What does this mean?

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