The Squirrel’s Name Is GREED

From “Even Cowgirls Get The Blues,” by Tom Robbins. Another way of saying this starts out with “For God So Loved The World—” Same concept, different writer. And if the concept of gods are outside your scope, John Lennon took a whack at it with “All we are saying is Give Peace A Chance.” T. Jefferson and Thomas Paine, the list goes on and on.  It’s a long and painful awakening that being human, even though our code tells us that we can only survive by brutality and dominance, means we are more capable than we know, more able to create prosperity, abundance for all men, not just<<insert your nation or state or political party or race or gender or…yourself.>>
All of which we seem to be soundly rejecting in the Current Era.
At times, I have to laugh at myself. Just another old hippie ranting about stuff.
I’m thinking it’s going to take a lot more ranting by a lot more old hippies for us to avoid vaporization in a thermonuclear blast.
I know you’re out there, you ol’ hippies, yippies, radicals and revolutionaries.
Maybe you’re in a wheelchair now, or pretending to be a prim and proper Sunday School Teacher or a harmless old grampaw.
You don’t want your kids to know about it because some of the things you did were shocking.
But that’s ridiculous. What your children are doing these days makes any silly stuff you did as a kid PALE in comparison.
So get over it and start talking! You know how its supposed to work, and it AIN’T right now.
Time to come out, now, and give these caterwauling children (and the venal, worthless old sellouts in gubment calling themselves “leaders”,) a kick in the pants.

Summer of love? Power to the People? What happened to everybody?
The squirrel’s name is GREED. We all became lawyers, mortgage brokers, titans of Wall Street and pigs at the troughs of government, forgetting our principles along the way.
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