The Stanken Rose Inter Regional Kazoo Orchestra

Oooh, boy. This is gettin’ good!

SR Kazoo Orchestra Conductor, Greg McGee

The Orchestra is shaping up!  Our first performance was a private party, so I couldn’t invite everyone.

As expected, it was total mayhem.  The orchestra never arrived.  The bus driver got lost. Somewhere outside of Gonzales, I think.  So, I had to recruit kazoo players from the audience.  It was a tough crowd, and I practically had to beg people to play the kazoo.  And then, my videographer (who is also my big sister) accidentally deleted most of the video, so  I ended up with just one camera angle. And, she’s my sister, so I couldn’t even fire her!

Mayhem, of course, is what The Stankenrose Interregional Kazoo Orchestra is all about.  It’s performance art, where the entire audience is part of the show.

We will soon be introducing ONLINE BOOKING, right here on the StankenRose Gazette website.  You will be able to see a calendar of days that are booked and available.  Performances that are open to the public will be highlighted, so you can get in on the fun!

NOTE: 25% of all income from performances will be donated to charity.  If you book the orchestra for your wedding, party, or event, you will have the option of directing the donation to the charity of your choice. Otherwise, I’ll just assume that you trust my judgment on what is a legit and meaningful cause.  I’m partial to “The StankenRose Home for Obsolete Electronics,” where VHS players and Zippos go to retire.

Just use the contact form below to inquire about bookings.

Heres a video of the performance, in all its fractured glory.  Enjoy!

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