Tree #9037

blue metal tag number 9037 on tree trunk

I had a talk with my favorite tree today.

I put both my hands on its majestic, rough trunk, and my feet on its roots, looked it right in the bark and listened. For 10 minutes.

It didn’t say a blessed word. Yet, I heard it, loud and clear. I felt its wisdom, gained from over a century of life on Earth.

I thought about all the things it had experienced, how it had survived and flourished through droughts and floods, developments and devastations. And now, how lucky Tree #9037 is to have landed where it did as a little seed over a century ago.

Tree #9037 is lucky, a tree without a care in the world. In fact, it will no doubt continue to dominate the surrounding meadow and live for another hundred years, or at least as long as there is a park named Zilker. Workers, paid with the taxes I gladly submit every time I buy anything in Austin,  will tend to its every need, pruning it, watering it and feeding it, and giving it all the respect it deserves.

It even has the best seat in the house, witness to some of the best music in the world during SXSW, ACL Live, Blues on the Green, etc., etc.   It’s sheltered hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions of people in all states of joy and mind, under its broad, generous boughs.

I love this tree. And, as I pressed my body against it, like the bonafide tree-hugger that I am, I felt its love for me as well.

I’ll continue to visit Tree #9037 and listen to it. I talk to it too, but it never answers. Not in a language I can understand.

The large, beautiful oak tree number 9037
Tree #9037, reigning over The Meadow, Zilker Park, Austin, TX


Even if it never says a word, I learn something every time we touch.

Thanks, Tree #9037, for being here, day after day.

As dependable a friend as one can have.


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