Trump’s Grand Idea to Arm Teachers is “A Fantasy”

Imagine what will happen…

during the next shooting if we arm teachers.  A guy packing a Beretta in his back pocket hears small arms fire down the hall.  Orders the kids under their desks.  He draws his weapon and valiantly creeps out in the hall looking for the shooter.  He immediately gets gunned down in a rain of automatic rifle fire.

One dead teacher.

I know that there are societal ills at work here,  and then there’s the unfortunate fact that anybody, anywhere in the USA can get their hands on a semi-automatic weapon for less than $1000.

But, let’s talk about schools, and how they are built.  They are not built to be prisons, or to be like a limited access, high security citadel.  We want them to look like happy places, full of light, with big windows and wide open doors.  This is the problem.  We can no longer have schools like this.

Schools are going to have to be hardened.

Teachers can’t do this and teach.  They need to be in the classrooms with the students.  Administrators need to be administrating.  Janitors need to be cleaning.

The only solution to ending school shootings is to keep the potential shooter from getting INTO the school in the first place.

This can’t be achieved by simply locking the doors. There are many, many doors to any school.  And windows.  Anybody with half a brain and a crowbar can get through a locked door.

The solution is to create an impenetrable security corridor around every school.  This can only be done with:

  • full time armed guards at every entrance.
  • armed guards patrolling the perimeter of the property and parking lots.
  • metal detectors to check students and teachers as they enter school buildings.
  • training and certification.
  • a high fence with razor wire around the school property.

This takes money.  Money for salaries, money for training and certification, for equipment.

Who has MONEY TO BURN?  The NRA.  This is why I propose NRA School Protection Grants.  You can read the full proposal in our previous post:

This is going to require some pressure being applied to the NRA. And a huge mouthpiece.  I know of a really big mouth that would help this along.  He occupies that big oval office in Washington.  If anybody knows him, can you pass this along?


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