Understand These Words, and you Understand Trump.

It is difficult for any sane person to bear the constant barrage of lies and deceit coming from the man occupying the post of chief executive. It is, nevertheless, a strategy that comes from the soul of a man who has no moral code, no real belief in anything but himself, and no other goal but to win at any cost.

This man will say or do ANYTHING to win. He doesn’t know what the truth is, which means he doesn’t know what a lie is. He just believes in himself.

You cannot reason with a person like this. The moment you accuse him of lying, he denies saying it and calls YOU a liar. Whatever you accuse him of, he accuses you of the same.

The Democratic Party needs to understand this as they select a candidate to unseat this dangerous man. He will, without a doubt, do everything in his power to destroy whatever person is nominated. He will do it with lies, deceit, name-calling, insults, everything BUT the truth.

If you engage him on this level, you will lose, because he is a master at this insane game.

He can’t be ignored, for he is too loud, brash, and entertaining (to some.)

The only thing that can win over insanity is the truth. Tell the truth about your policies and ignore the lies he tells about his policies. Let his rants fly past you, as a master of aikido would confront his foe.

The aikido master uses the “Way of combining forces” or “Way of unifying energy”, in which the term aiki refers to the martial arts principle or tactic of blending with an attacker’s movements for the purpose of controlling their actions with minimal effort.[7] One applies aiki by understanding the rhythm and intent of the attacker to find the optimal position and timing to apply a counter-technique.

In confronting Trump, you must let his insane energy pass. You must let him defeat himself with his own insanity.

The only thing a person like Trump cannot stand is the truth. It will drive HIM crazy, cause HIM to lash out with insanity.

There are still enough sane people in America to see this and to remember it when they step into the ballot box in November 2020.

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