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From personal experience, I can say, unequivocally, that good sleep is the one thing that keeps people from going completely insane. I’ve struggled with getting a good nights sleep for years, more often during times of stress and anxiety.  2020 has ushered us all into a new world where anxiety is the daily base line, which only means that having a plan to get your mind to turn you loose and let you rest is more important than ever!

The need for sleep makes one susceptible to all sorts of bad ideas, many of them pushed on you by your family doctor.

I just witnessed the horrible effects of a widely prescribed sleep medication called Temazepam.  My mother (90 years old) has been on it for many years, and they just kept upping the dosage.  It was turning her into a zombie. She was slurring her words, and was getting “fuzzy headed,” which was not her normal state.

Mom decided she wanted to get off the drug, which we did, under a doctor’s care.  She dropped from 15 mg/day to 7 mg for 5 days, and it almost killed her.  Really. She wanted to die, but we wouldn’t let her. When things got completely out of hand, we called 911. She was in the hospital for a week, delirious, aching all over.  It was as bad as coming off heroin.

I’m happy to report that Mom has now kicked the drug!  She’s one of the fortunate few. And now she’s sleeping better than when she was on it.  Imagine that.

I believe I could be a champion for your products. I would love to help people avoid the horrors of sleep medications, sleep better, and enjoy healthier, more productive lives.

I look forward to joining your pack!

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