Who You Are

Who You Are?

By Gregory R. McGee.

I don’t know who you are

You so suddenly appeared.

In my sphere of influence

Like a shooting star.

Why did you come this way?

Are you from the Milky Way?

What do you want from me?

Something I can’t foresee?

You could be a meteor

To obliterate in fiery light

Or you could be a comet,

That fills me with delight.

Perhaps I’ve got it all wrong!

Perhaps the gravity is yours.

Maybe it’s I who’s entered your sphere

And I’m being pulled along!

Are our forces balanced?

A new cosmic entity?

A binary star system?

Is that our destiny?

I don’t know who you are!

I don’t know where you’re from.

Is there a reason for your presence?

Or, are you just a shooting star?

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