Why Is Life Soooo Looooong?

Why is life so long? Why is it so pointless and boring sometimes?

When you’ve truly missed the boat, and you’re not even making a contribution to the gene pool, is your life worth continuing?

Why must one go on?
For a moment, look at a “pointless” life like a football game, when you’re 40 points behind in the final 2 minutes of 4th quarter. Why make that play?  Why risk that injury?  You’ve lost, so why not just pack it in?

In football, that’s not the accepted point of view.  You play it out till the last possible second.  Maybe you’ll learn something.  Maybe you’ll have your moment, one that people remember. Maybe it’ll mean you’re traded to a team that goes to the playoffs next year.

Life’s the same way. You have to play it out till the end – and, not just because it’s illegal in most countries to put people of their misery because they’re considered useless, old, or infirm.  The Nazi’s tried this approach and look what happened to them. 

Why is human life considered so precious?

The best I can come up with is that it’s because the human brain is the most complex, unpredictable structure that has yet to be found in the universe. After studying it ever since the 4th century BC, when Vesalius and Aristotle started the never-ending controversy about just what the brain is, we are just now beginning to understand how it operates.  It’s still astounding, even to the smartest brains on the planet.  It’s still better at many things than any computing machine man has created.

And guess what? 

You have one of your very own!  It’s all yours, till the day you die.

If you feed it, use it and maintain it well, maybe you’ll be miraculous or exceptional someday, but you’re a just late bloomer.

Maybe you’ll be the one to figure out why life is so long, or how to make it even longer. Personally, I don’t think life is anywhere near long enough.  After 70 years, I feel l like I’m just beginning to figure things out.  I find it very frustrating that my body is wearing out so soon. If I had another 2 or 3 hundred years with healthy body, full of vitality, I feel like I could do something really grand.

Granted, in the year 2021, the lifespan I wish for is not very likely. So, maybe we all should concentrate on getting as much enjoyment out of life as we can.

It’s not such a bad place, Earth.  If you’re fortunate enough to be able to see, to hear, to read, get around on your own, have a place to live and food to eat on a regular basis, it’s not bad at all.

Enjoy it. And, hey, use that marvelous brain of yours! You might even make things better for everyone else. Not everybody is as fortunate as you are!

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