Why the best case scenario could be the worst.

Let’s assume for a moment that all the draconian policies that the government is implementing to combat COVID 19 will be successful, and the pandemic will be brought under control in a reasonable period, let’s say by about the middle of August. This will require what may seem impossible: that Trump will realize that this is way outside his ability to handle with his typical insouciance.

If this happens, which means Trump will by necessity turn the pandemic planning and the economic recovery planning over to professionals who know what they’re doing, he’s going to be looking pretty bright and shiny come Election Day.

I recall an interview with Trump before the election when he was asked how the country could become reunited again? He said it would probably take some disastrous event, or threat from outside that would force us all to pull together, as ONE COUNTRY.

Mr. Trump, this is your big “event,” right on cue.

If Trump is capable of reeling in his twittering incompetence and letting the professionals handle it, odds are that it will appear that Trump has done a reasonably good job of responding to the worst pandemic in recent history. He will proclaim himself the Savior Of The World, and his base will believe him.

This will, of course, catch the DCC completely by surprise, as they will basking in their smarmy confidence that Trump’s obvious incompetence exhibited during the early pandemic weeks, not to mention the previous years and the impeachment will be enough to carry the day for Sleepy Joe. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, just rewind Hillary’s crash and burn in 2016.

Remember the impeachment?


Nobody does.

This is why I predict that COVID 19 is going to bring about the re-election of Trump, by a landslide.  

Editors Note: I’m so glad that my prediction was wrong! Even though, weeks after the election, Trump is still convinced he is the winner.

There’s not any good news in this, so I’ll skip to the bad news is.   This means that the virus will have won in its Darwinian quest to destroy the human race and rule the planet, due to Trump’s insistence that we aren’t under threat of extinction due to the climate change problem that everybody has forgotten about, but it’s still hovering over our future.

So, the virus isn’t winning in the way it intended.

Do viruses have intention?

I don’t know. But if they do, this one is a Republican, and it is Trump’s best friend.

However, other animals are being unleashed, which, pre-pandemic, have been the arch enemies of Trumpian vision for MAGA, and yet, may be the saviors of the American Way Of Life and the new planks of the Republican party:




The country, well, actually, the entire civilized world is on the verge of hysteria, although it looks very boring in most cases, for example, if you go downtown in just about any city in the USA and drive by the hundreds of darkened bars and restaurants and notice the empty hotels and roadways.  These closures have been sudden, with no warning, no time to prepare or save up a little nest egg or look for another job.  Millions of people are suddenly out of work and will soon be out of money.

Let me say that again.

MILLIONS of people

are suddenly

out of work.

All across the country.

Without any severance pay, and in many cases, no unemployment benefits.  Because they’re in the service industry, and their benefits would be based on $2.30/ hour, which is about nuttin’, honey.  Its paycheck to paycheck, without a net.

As I type this, bipartisan backed bills (amazing!) are circulating through Congress pledging somewhere in the vicinity of a TRILLION dollars in aid.  And this isn’t your everyday corporate socialism bailing out multinational corporations that we’re all used to (this is happening as well, of course.)  Its $1000 in the pockets of the Average Joe.  (Which, in the average household, might get them through a week or two.).  There are other programs being bandied about to aid Small Businesses too.

All of this is great, but Uncle Sam, this is outright, socialism!  And it’s being proposed by a REPUBLICAN CONGRESS, by god!

On top of this, other bills are being passed that will provide FREE HEALTHCARE for those who fall prey to the virus.  Uncle Sam, this is by definition socialized medicine.

What is going on here? 

Well, it’s a full blown national emergency in the making, rolling out in slow motion, that’s what.  And it’s going to get a lot worse as these closures start to bite and people’s cupboards start to go bare and they start getting kicked out of their apartments by landlords who just want their damn rent to be paid ON TIME, as their leases stipulate.

Because, you see, we don’t live in a socialist country.  There is no social safety net in place for people who suddenly lose their jobs.  When this happens individually, its tragic, its too bad, and its ignored by capitalism. When it happens to millions of people, everywhere, at the same time, it’s a real problem, a fissure in the social order.

If you can’t see the irony in this very scary, very unpredictable horror show we are on the brink of, then let me spell it out to you.

Without firing a shot, or winning an election, the next 4 years of the Trump Presidency will usher in the most striking and sudden conversion to Democratic Socialism that has ever been seen.  It will happen because there will be no reasonable alternative.  Trump will be faced with the horror of millions of people suddenly being homeless with no food to eat.

The people must be fed.  If they have no bread, then they will take it from those who have it.

If you think this can’t happen again, you’re delusional.

This is the reason that we’re suddenly hearing about “trillions of dollars” in aid coming soon.  Somebody has finally gotten through to Trump that he has to tamp down the feelings of frantic helplessness that will be gripping the country by the end of the week.  The government could actually lose control of the entire country if they insist on a strict capitalistic approach to the next few months, as we attempt to get the pandemic under control.

The government has to get the message out to the people, in a way that they BELIEVE AND UNDERSTAND, and it has to be this:


Trump has no idea how to face this crisis.  He’s a deer in the headlights. 

Fortunately, someone DOES know how to solve it.  He’s even put his plan up on the internet for all to see.  All the Trump administration needs to do is follow it, word for word, If he does, we may get through this thing with a country that still exists, 30 days from now.


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