You don’t believe me?

Academy Award Nomination Certificate

Ok, many people think I’m yanking their chain on this Academy Award Nomination thing. I did get one, that’s a fact. Back in 1975. For the 16mm film Dancy Street, which I co-produced, directed, and edited with Cary White. That’s my finger, pointing on the certificate on my wall.

It did not, however, result in me becoming a big shot Hollywood director.

These days, an award such as this is more of a detriment than an attribute when looking for a job. People assume I’m going to be an obnoxious old hack living on residuals, who should just get out of the way and stop showing off. I wish it was that way.

Actually I’m just another frustrated artist, living in StankenRose, Texas, who’s trying to figure out how to squeeze a dime out of a business where all the money, by design, streams right past all those who actually create anything into the pockets of the rich guys who create nothing, but are fortunate enough to own stock in Apple, Google, Spotify, blah, blah, blah.

What they really mean by the term “streaming media” is this:
The money streams right past you, Mr. Artist, who is expected to work your ass off for FREE!

Remember the good old days when it was “money for nothing?” Not any more. Now its “music for nothin.”

Don’t get me started….

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